Here at JR & Co., we can repair all types of roof systems including Flat, Low-Slope and Steep roof structures. We have professionally trained repair technicians that will evaluate your roof issues and provide you with photos and options for your roof repair.

Eliminate the drip and prevent additional damage to your roof or property inside, as well as keeping your business running uninterrupted.


What We Can Do For You…

Don't let this be you!!! 

Don't let this be you!!! 

• Inspect & evaluate all roof systems, no matter what age or type
• Provide pictures of roof condition and maintenance needed
• Estimate costs of maintenance or repair needed
• Provide re-roof budget costs for near future projects
• Provide written Maintenance Contracts in which we keep your facility dry and roof maintained for the duration of the contract

Your roof system is a huge asset and a vital component to your buildings structure. Take care of leaks and issues quickly and correctly and you will greatly extend the life of your roof, which can end up saving you thousands of dollars!

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